Market Dynamics

Identifying and selecting the right talent can have a dramatic impact on an organization’s ability to achieve key milestones.

Recruiting talented professionals has become more complicated, more competitive, more time consuming, and more critical to success than ever before.  Workforce composition demographics suggest that this trend will only continue, particularly in market sectors that mandate specialized expertise or experience.

To meet these challenges, our team is comprised of accomplished recruiting professionals with substantial experience in both the Commercial and Non-Profit market sectors, who are dedicated to delivering unparalleled client service, and who possess real-world perspective.

The Artisan Group Process

Step 1

We invest the time to fully understand a client’s organization, mission, and stated objectives. This includes understanding not only the specifics of a given position, but also understanding other less tangible traits needed for success within an organization. Candidates who possess these attributes will be the best long-term employees.

Step 2

We develop a detailed profile of the desired candidate that considers a range of parameters including: specific skill areas and desired areas of expertise, academic background, ability level/years of industry experience, and compensation. By crafting a well-defined set of requirements, we ensure that each search is oriented to produce only the most qualified candidates, saving our clients time and energy.  We translate these requirements into a detailed job description, and into related position-specific collateral.

Step 3

We perform market research and build a target pool of passive candidate prospects.  We directly engage these individuals to present and highlight a given client opportunity.  We carefully interview and screen all candidates, and present a slate of on-target prospects who are both qualified and interested in the position at hand. This selection process saves our clients a substantial amount of time, allowing them to focus on the organization’s mission rather than on recruiting.

Step 4

We take an active role in working toward the successful completion of all negotiations required to facilitate the desired hire. Our insight concerning each candidate’s career objectives and goals, and financial concerns allows our clients to generate offers that have the greatest potential for acceptance.  Because we are so committed to effective qualifying and expectation management, The Artisan Group has achieved an enviable record of turning employment offers into “acceptances.”  Over the past 10 years, the Artisan Group has realized a 1.04:1.0 offer to acceptance ratio.  This means that 96% of the time we successfully bring deals to closure.


The ultimate objective of The Artisan Group is to complement our client’s recruiting strategies and to serve as a partner in our client’s success.

From the beginning, our philosophy has been to provide clients with quality service that fosters long-term business relationships.  We are gratified by the many repeat business opportunities we have received.

The Artisan Group delivers a comprehensive and highly collaborative recruitment process grounded in best practices, and designed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

To date, we have achieved an impressive record of success for our clients. To see representative Case Studies that highlight representative search assignments that we have completed, click here.