National Conservation Organization-Director of Development

National Conservation Organization
Director of Development

Background:   As a result of an ambitious strategic planning process, the Client
organization, a non-profit entity charged with the conservation and volunteer
management of a significant unit of the National Park System, determined that it
needed to secure a talented leader to build out its Development function.  The
Development Office was in a significant state of disarray, and principally was
relying on revenues secured through membership dues and direct mail
solicitations.  Donor stewardship and follow-up were inconsistent, at best.

The Artisan Group was tasked to execute a search that would yield an individual
who could not only implement a comprehensive Development plan, but who could
also effectively serve as a change agent.

After meeting with the Client’s Senior Leadership, and after interviewing board
members who were serving on the Search Committee, a comprehensive position
description was created to clearly highlight desired candidate attributes, as well as
define immediate Development related goals and objectives.  After an exhaustive
search, four prospective candidates were presented to the Client.  After several
rounds of interviews, an offer of employment was extended to the finalist, and was
immediately accepted.

The individual who was hired has had a profound impact on Development, and has
not only increased all modes of giving, but has also implemented the foundation
necessary for an efficient and highly effective development function.  This search
was completed in 93 days.